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It hurt like hell but oh god,
I loved you.

Past tense.

I don’t anymore.

That fact still surprises me;
When I find my mind conjuring your image after weeks of forgetting,
I feel nothing in my chest
And my mind quickly skips to someone else, somewhere else, sometime in the future.
Then the feeling is in my stomach,
But this time it’s an optimism -
Reaching, yearning for what is to come.

I have found a way to live without you.
I have found proof that pain is not permanent.
I have found out how good I am at surviving.

Moving by Georgia Radley (via illaqueated)

(via msfrannyglass)


this is really important.



Why can’t you see it? This is pure LOVE. They love more than some humans I’ve met. The time has come, we need to see them all like this littles fellows: FREE & FULL OF LOVE!